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    Hi Everyone,

    As you all know the HIV Prevention landscape is changing rapidly. There are currently three vaccine related trials in the field! None however are expected to show 100% efficacy, maxing out somewhere between 30%-50%. The dapivirine ring for women showed about 39% efficacy in the open label studies. We of course have oral PrEP which is over 90% effective when taken daily.

    How do you prepare for new research with this landscape for standard of prevention? What stakeholders do you bring in to address standard of prevention, clinical trial and protocol design, and communication? How do you prepare staff for communicating these complex ideas, both as recruiters but also has people out in the community? Do you work with the implementation arm of your research center and if so, how?

    As a site, how are you preparing stakeholders, internally and externally, for an HIV prevention landscape where there are lots of options that aren’t a “silver bullet” but may provide a reduction in incidence rate?

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