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Lesson 1: Foundation of Good Participatory Practice

Anne Schley April 16, 2018

Welcome to Lesson 1: Introduction to Good Participatory Practice (GPP)!

In this, you will complete two introductory online modules.  You will learn about the history, rationale, scope, and structure of the GPP Guidelines. You will also learn about the GPP principles which underpin stakeholder relationships,  some of the benefits of stakeholder engagement, and the key components of a stakeholder engagement plan.

STEP 1: Complete the online modules.  

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STEP 2: Complete the Landscape_Analysis and upload the final version below. Remember to include your name in the file TITLE of the Word document (e.g. Assignment 1_last name). 

STEP 3: Post in the forum: Find a conversation anywhere on the platform that interests you and adds to the discussion. Check out the MATERIALS tab of this lesson to draw inspiration. If you don’t find a thread that is interests you, start one of your own!

STEP 4: Post your photo!