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GPP IAVI Lesson 1: Orientation and Module 1_ May 25-29

Welcome to the GPP Online IAVI “Short Course”!

This week we will cover the course orientation materials and reinforce how to navigate the Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, Module 1: The Importance of Good Participatory Practice will refresh your knowledge about the history of GPP, rationale for the guidelines, as well as the different types of stakeholders relevant to HIV prevention research.

Please make sure you have reviewed and completed all of the Orientation Materials and assignments before beginning Module 1. Complete the all of the following assignments by Friday, May 29th!

Refer to the Orientation Webinar slides for an overview of course requirements and brief explanation about the LMS. Review the GPP Training Syllabus. Page 3 of the syllabus contains important instructions about online versus offline viewing. If you need additional assistance, reach out to the course instructors (Anne Schley and Jessica Handibode) by using the Messages function.

Please complete the following items in the listed order:

STEP 1: Upload a fun photo to your course profile

STEP 2: Complete 

Offline Viewing of orientation Module 0: Click here for offline iPad viewing, and remember to download content while you are connected to the Internet. For offline viewing on a laptop PC computer, click here:  Module 0 offline PC zip file

STEP 3: Complete the Baseline Assessment. You must complete this before continuing onto Module 1.

STEP 4: Complete

Offline Viewing of Module 1: Click on these links for offline viewing: Desktop/laptop PC computer or iPad.

Documents and links on an iPad: Required and optional documents/links are not available offline on an iPad. Download the following document before viewing the module: MTN-017 Case Study

STEP 5: Work with your partner and complete the Lesson 1 Work Assignment. Upload your completed assignment below.

Other important technical considerations:

Knowledge Check: You can retake the Module 1 Knowledge Check as many times as you’d like throughout the course. Using the Course Map, click on the screen titled “Knowledge Check Introduction” to retake the Knowledge Check as needed.

–When viewing the modules, please note that you have to click on all clickable items (i.e plus signs or text boxes) on each screen before continuing to the next screen.