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Immunology 101

Welcome to the Building Blocks Part I: Immunology 101 session of the Science Literacy Series!

This session focuses on answering two key questions

  • How does the immune system work?
  • What options do we have in our immune system’s ‘toolbox’?

STEP 1: First, review the background materials for this session by clicking on the links below.

STEP 2:  Click here to watch a video of the recorded webinar for this session. Or click here to listen to an audio recording of the webinar. The PowerPoints can be downloaded separately by clicking here.

The webinar was led by Katherine Kripke and facilitated by AVAC Program Manager, Jessica Salzwedel. Katharine is a Senior Policy Analyst at Avenir Health. She was previously the Assistant Director of the Vaccine Research Program at DAIDS/NIH and also coordinated USAID’s HIV vaccine and microbicide research activities. Katharine holds a PhD in Immunology.

STEP 3: Lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about immunology, we recommend this informative resource: How the Immune System Works