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Introduction and Lesson 1_GPP Thailand_Apr 26- May 03

Welcome to GPP Online Training Course for Thai Learners!

The introductory lesson below provides learners with a brief overview of key features and components of the online modules. Lesson 1,  The Importance of Good Participatory Practice, introduces you to the history and rationale for the GPP guidelines. You will  learn about some of the benefits of stakeholder engagement and the different types of stakeholders relevant to HIV research.

Complete these steps by Tuesday, May 3rd. Please complete all steps before proceeding to Lesson 2.

STEP 1: Upload a fun photo to your course profile so that others can see you online.

STEP 2: Complete the baseline assessment: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BaselineThai

STEP 3: Complete 

Offline viewing: iPad version or desktop/laptop version

STEP 4: Complete


Offline viewing: iPad version or desktop/laptop version

Download a transcript for Module 1 in Thai by clicking here.

Important technical points

—-Offline viewing: To complete the modules offline, you must first be connected to the internet  and download the content using the links about. Offline viewing is a great option for those with internet or connectivity challenges. The course syllabus also contains important instructions about offline viewing.

–When viewing the modules, please note that you have to click on all clickable items (i.e plus signs or text boxes) on each screen before continuing to the next screen.