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Introduction_Track A_Mar 22-29 2016

Welcome to the GPP Online Training Course!

This week, we orient you to the course and explain how to navigate the Learning Management System  or LMS, including the online training modules. The introductory module below provides learners with a brief overview of key features and components of the modules.

Refer to the GPP Orientation Webinar slides and Course Syllabus for an overview of course requirements and a brief explanation about the LMS. If you need additional assistance, reach out to the course instructors (Anne and Jessica) via gpponlinecourse@gmail.com or drop into office hours!

Complete the all of the following steps by Tuesday, March 29th. Please ensure you complete all steps before proceeding to Lesson 1

STEP 1: Upload a fun photo to your course profile so that others can see you online, especially on the forum!

STEP 2: Complete 

STEP 3: Complete the baseline assessment: click here

STEP 4: Schedule a one-on-one Skype check-in with course faculty. A course instructor will reach out to you with scheduling options after course commencement. The aim of this discussion is to critically review and analyze your existing stakeholder engagement workplan, so you can better identify areas for potential improvement as you move through the course.

Other important technical considerations:

–When viewing the modules, please note that you have to click on all clickable items (i.e plus signs or text boxes) on each screen before continuing to the next screen.

Offline viewing options: For offline iPad viewing, click here. For offline viewing on a laptop computer, click here. You must be connected to the internet when you initially download the content. Offline viewing is a great option for those with internet or connectivity challenges. The course syllabus also contains important instructions about offline viewing.