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Lesson 10_Track A_Apr 18-May 5

Welcome to Lesson 10: Trial Closure and Results Dissemination, Post-Trial Access to Trial Products and Procedures!

This final lesson explores the roles of researchers and stakeholders in ensuring positive outcomes at the end of the trial. Specifically, you will learn about the complexities for preparing for results dissemination and the pathways through which participants and the broader community may receive access to efficacious products after a trial is completed.

Please make sure you have reviewed and completed the Lesson 9 assignments before beginning Lesson 10. Complete the following assignments by Friday, May 5th.

STEP 1: Complete 

Offline viewing: PC computer or Ipad

STEP 2: Complete the GPP strategy and workplan. Upload the final versions below.

STEP 3: Lastly, complete the knowledge assessment and evaluation survey

And now relax, put your feet up, and celebrate! You earned it!