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Lesson 2, 9/29 – 10/3

Welcome to Lesson 2: GPP Scope and Structure!

This lesson illustrates how the GPP guidelines differs from and complements other guidance documents for the conduct of clinical trials. You will also learn about the guiding principles that form the foundation of GPP, and the basic components of a GPP work plan. In the work assignment, you will lay the groundwork for developing objectives for your stakeholder engagement efforts. Note: Please be sure to allow at least 1 hour for this work assignment.

Please make sure you have reviewed and completed all of the Orientation Materials and Lesson 1 assignments before beginning Lesson 2. Complete the following assignments by October 3rd.

STEP 1: Complete

Important Notes:

Knowledge Check: You can retake the Module 2 Knowledge Check as many times as you’d like throughout the course. Using the Course Map, click on the screen titled “Knowledge Check Introduction” to retake the Knowledge Check as needed.

Offline Viewing: Desktop/laptop PC computer or iPad. See offline viewing instructions on page 3 of the GPP Online Training Orientation Syllabus.

Documents and links on an iPad: Required and optional documents/links are not available offline on an iPad. Download the following required documents before viewing the module.

Required: GPP Blueprint

STEP 2: Post in the discussion forum and respond to the post of at least one other learner.

STEP 3: Complete the Lesson 2 Work Assignment and upload the final version below. Review the Work Assignment Instructions as needed.