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Lesson 2: Planning for Engagement

Miliswa Magongo June 18, 2020

Welcome to lesson two!

In this lesson, you will learn key concepts including stakeholder identification, the importance of building community capacities, and examples of advisory mechanisms –beyond the CAB model. You will also learn about the basic components of a stakeholder engagement work plan.

This lesson also covers effective communication and developing authentic trust with communities. You will learn about the importance of developing comprehensive plans for trial communications and the management of potential issues.


STEP 1: Complete online modules


STEP 2: Select one of the three webinars to listen to this week.  ECHO Webinar or Taming the Media Beast or Get Your Message Out: How to Work with the News Media

STEP 3: Complete the communication assignment. Please upload the assignment below with your FIRST and LAST name.

Abstract Writing Workshop Recording

Abstract Writing Workshop Slides

A wonderful webinar about innovative engagement mechanisms going on at SATVI