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Lesson 3_Track B_Sept 2016 Course

roopesh@buddyboss.com September 4, 2016

Welcome to Lesson 3: Stakeholder Engagement in Formative Research Activities!

In this lesson, you will learn how formative research activities can deepen your understanding of your trial population and setting, and inform your stakeholder engagement efforts.

Complete the following steps by Tuesday, Oct 4th.

STEP 1: Complete

Click here for offline viewing of the modules: Computer or iPad. Be sure that you are connected to the Internet for the initial download. See the offline viewing instructions in your course syllabus for more detail.

STEP 2: Complete the work assignment.

STEP 3: Post your response to the Lesson 3 discussion question in the forum! Remember that Track B participants must post to 7/10 lessons (discussion questions) as a course requirement. So don’t be shy! Speak up and shout out about GPP!