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Lesson 4

Jessica Salzwedel December 5, 2017

Welcome to Lesson 4: Trial related GPP

This lesson will outline some of the complexities and benefits of meaningful involvement of stakeholders in the design of trial protocols and the informed consent process and highlight the necessity of stakeholder engagement in determining and managing trial-related harms.


Please make sure you have reviewed and completed the Lesson 3 assignments before beginning Lesson 4. Complete the following assignments by December 11.

STEP 1: Webinar – Protocol Development, Informed Consent, and Trial-related Harms

STEP 2: Complete Module:  

Click on these links for offline viewing: desktop/laptop version or iPad version. Refer to your Course Syllabus for additional instructions about offline viewing.

STEP 3: Complete the Lesson 4 assignment and upload the final version below. Remember to include your name in the file title of the Word document (e.g. Assignment 4_your name).

STEP 4: Look for ‘Discussion Question: Lesson 4’ thread on the discussion forum and post your response!