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Lesson 4_Track B_Sept 2016 Course

roopesh@buddyboss.com September 4, 2016

Welcome to Lesson 4: Stakeholder Education, Engagement, and Advisory Mechanisms!

This lesson describes methods for optimizing stakeholder engagement and relationships. Key concepts include identification of key stakeholders, development of educational activities to enable stakeholders to provide informed feedback, and use of multiple advisory mechanisms for consultations. You will also learn about the basic components of a stakeholder engagement work plan.

Please make sure you have reviewed and completed the Lesson 3 assignments before beginning Lesson 4. Complete the following assignments by October 18th. 

Please note this lesson spans over two weeks!

STEP 1: Complete

For offline viewing, click on these links: PC computer or iPad. See offline viewing instructions in the GPP Course Syllabus for more detail.

STEP 2: No work assignment for Track B learners for this Lesson, so please use this time to catch up on work that is late!

STEP 3: Post in the discussion forum and respond to one other person! Track B learners must post to the discussion question for 7/10 lessons in order to receive a course completion certificate.