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GPP IAVI Lesson 2, June 1-12 2015

Welcome to Lesson 2!

Module 2 illustrates how the GPP guidelines differs from and complements other guidance documents for the conduct of clinical trials. In Module 3, you will learn about how formative research activities can deepen your understanding of your trial population and setting, and inform your stakeholder engagement efforts. Lastly, Module 4 include reinforcement of key concepts for optimizing your engagement planning: stakeholder identification, development of educational activities to enable stakeholders to provide informed feedback, and use of multiple advisory mechanisms for consultations.

Please make sure you have reviewed and completed all of the Orientation Materials and Module 1 before beginning the next lessons.

Complete the following steps by Friday, June 12th.

STEP 1: Complete Module 2:

Offline Viewing for Module 2: Desktop/laptop PC computer or iPad.

STEP 2: Complete Module 3:

Offline Viewing for Module 3: PC computer or iPad.

STEP 3: Complete Module 4:

Offline Viewing for Module 4: PC computer or iPad.

STEP 4: Complete the Work Assignment and upload the final version below.