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Orientation materials, 9/15 – 9/19

Welcome to week one of the GPP Online Training!

This week we will cover the Orientation Materials. If you missed the Orientation Webinar on Tuesday 9/9, please review the audio (beginning at 18:00) and follow along with the slides. For extra guidance using the LMS, review these specific slides Create a ProfileMy Learning Page LayoutGPP Online Training Page Layout, Your Classmates/Student Roster, Lesson Page Layout, Work Assignments, and Discussion Forums.

Please complete the following items in the listed order to orient yourself to the course.

STEP 1: Create a profile if you have not done so already.

STEP 2: Read the GPP Online Training Orientation Syllabus.

STEP 3: Complete 

— Offline viewing on a desktop or laptop PC computer: While connected to the internet, download the Module 0 offline PC zip file. Review the GPP Online Training Orientation Syllabus (page 3) for further guidance as needed.

— Offline viewing on an iPad: Click here while connected to the internet. Review the GPP Online Training Orientation Syllabus (page 3) for further guidance as needed.

NOTE: If you will be viewing this module while online on your iPad, you can proceed as usual on the LMS by clicking Module 0 above. If you are viewing this module offline on an iPad, you will not have access to PDFs and resources. Open or download these items before viewing the module.

STEP 4: Review the bios of your classmates. Introduce yourself by posting in the discussion forum and reply to the introduction of a GPP team member or learner.

STEP 5: Complete the Baseline Evaluation (due Monday 9/22. Must complete before continuing onto Lesson 1).

Other technical considerations:

–When viewing the modules, please note that you have to click on all clickable items (i.e plus signs or text boxes) on each screen before continuing to the next screen.