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HIV Cure – Basic Online Course for Community Advocates

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Anne Schley April 20, 2022

KP-HIV CURE – Knowledge Assessment


Please answer the following questions. Click "submit" after you complete the assessment.

Q1- Why is a cure for HIV needed? Select the correct response(s).(Required)
Q2- Why does a reservoir of HIV-DNA remain in the body, even with use of antiretroviral therapy (ART)? Select the correct response(s).(Required)
Q3- True or false? Scientists are working on two broad types of HIV cure research – a ‘functional cure’ and a ‘sterilising cure’.(Required)
Q4- True or False? The "Berlin patient" underwent chemotherapy to treat leukemia, and in the process, almost all of the HIV+ cells in his body were killed.(Required)
Q5 – True or False? Is stem cell transplantation a potential method being tested for HIV cure?(Required)
Q6- Which of the following statements are true for stem cell transplant -when used for HIV cure?(Required)
Q7- What is the block and lock method? Select the correct response(s).(Required)
Q8- True or false? Researchers are testing gene therapy as a possible cure for HIV.(Required)
Q9- How do latency reversing agents work as a possible modality for HIV cure?(Required)
Q10- True or False? Immune-based strategies are being studied as ways to cure HIV.(Required)