In 2014, AVAC began offering online courses to help advocates and community educators build capacity to translate the Good Participatory Practice Guidelines. At the completion of the twelve-week course, learners requested ways to stay connected. Simultaneously, AVAC partners were looking for a way to continue the energy and knowledge sharing that comes from meeting face-to-face.

The Engage platform was created to supports stakeholders looking to find community, increase their understanding of a topic or connect with others to create and implement advocacy action around clinical research and implementation. The platform supports users through a range of interactive conversations and learning modules and includes a range of activities both on and offline to promote a sense of community.

Engage uses three core elements to support learners growth:

  • Promoting continued collaboration and knowledge sharing through an online community of practice.
  • A suite of literacy materials and trainings to improve understanding and translation outside the context of a specific clinical trial or intervention.
  • A platform to collaborate on advocacy projects and goals with stakeholders globally.

More on AVAC

AVAC works to accelerate the ethical development and global delivery of HIV prevention tools as part of a comprehensive and integrated response to the epidemic. Through education, policy analysis, advocacy and a network of global collaborations, we mobilize and support efforts to:

  • DELIVER proven HIV prevention tools for immediate impact.
  • DEMONSTRATE and roll out new HIV prevention options.
  • DEVELOP long-term solutions needed to end the epidemic.

While AVAC is based in New York City, our programs, projects and partnerships operate globally, focusing particularly on countries where HIV prevention research is conducted.

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