HIV Cure Research: a basic online course for community advocates

This short online course provides community members and advocates with knowledge about the basic science and approaches used in HIV cure research. The four lessons contain accessible information about HIV cure research and a suite of multimedia resources to strengthen advocacy - including perspectives from community stakeholders who are working to advance the HIV cure agenda in various countries.
Jessica Salzwedel · April 20, 2022
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Treatment Action Group

AVAC offers a range of resources aimed at addressing HIV prevention and cure research as well as community involvement in biomedical trials. Click herto access a suite of educational material on HIV cure topics.

HIV Cure Research Glossary is designed for the media and laypersons interested in understanding the issues involved in HIV cure-related research.

Social and Ethical Aspects of HIV Cure Research (searcHIV)  is a multi-site, multi-disciplinary working group focusing on investigating the biosocial implications of HIV cure research.

The HIV Cure Research Education Video Series is a first-of-its-kind view of the people in Philadelphia moving towards an HIV cure. The series features those on the front lines and aims to demystify the process of HIV cure research. It stresses the critical importance of an equal partnership between people living with HIV, researchers and providers

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Jessica Salzwedel

Expertise: HIV Cure Research; Stakeholder Engagement

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