Biomedical Prevention 101 for Journalists

Internews · November 9, 2023
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Welcome to Biomedical Prevention 101 for Journalists

In an era where health literacy can save lives, understanding the complexities of biomedical prevention is crucial, especially in the realm of HIV prevention. This course, designed specifically for journalists, aims to bridge the gap between advanced scientific discoveries and the general public’s understanding. Through five comprehensive modules, participants will embark on a journey to uncover the essence of science behind HIV prevention, learn about the latest advancements, and explore the intricacies of storytelling within the scientific context.

From the foundational aspects of HIV science and biomedical prevention strategies to the pioneering studies shaping future interventions, this course covers a broad spectrum. It delves into the significant role of implementation science in pilot projects and the access to prevention options. Additionally, the course does not shy away from contemporary issues, integrating a module on HIV in the context of COVID-19, highlighting the interconnections and lessons learned from the pandemic.

The role of social media listening in understanding and communicating public health information is also explored, equipping journalists with the tools to navigate the digital age effectively. Through engaging lessons, case studies, and interactive quizzes, participants will enhance their ability to report accurately, engage audiences, and contribute to informed public discourse on HIV prevention.

Whether you’re a seasoned health journalist or new to the beat, “Biomedical Prevention 101 for Journalists” offers invaluable insights and skills to enhance your reporting on one of the most critical health challenges of our time. Join us in transforming how stories of hope, science, and innovation are told, bridging the gap between science and society, making a difference through informed, accurate, and empathetic journalism.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Science Behind HIV Prevention: Understand the basic science of HIV and explore proven and emerging prevention strategies.
  • Advancements in Prevention: Discover the latest in biomedical prevention, including PrEP, long-acting injectables, and vaccine research.
  • Implementation Science: Learn about the transition from research to real-world application, focusing on pilot projects and access to prevention options.
  • Reporting Techniques: Gain insights into effective science journalism techniques, including how to translate scientific jargon for the general public.
  • HIV and COVID-19: Explore the intersection of HIV prevention and the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding shared challenges and lessons learned.
  • Social Media Listening: Master the use of social media as a tool for engaging with audiences and sourcing stories.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Journalists new to the health beat seeking foundational knowledge in HIV prevention.
  • Experienced health reporters looking to update their understanding of the latest scientific advancements.
  • Science communicators and health advocates interested in effective storytelling techniques.

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