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This course aims to support participants in understanding and applying foundational content in the Good Participatory Practice (GPP) Guidelines. Learners will become familiar with the principles and key practices for meaningful stakeholder participation in a research context. The course will draw from various infectious disease areas and the current environment of COVID-19 research to develop capacity around quick and responsive stakeholder engagement in research. Participants will also complete a strategic GPP action plan that aligns with their work and role in the field.   Participants will spend 2-4 hours/week on the course participating in group discussions, viewing online modules and completing assignments. Please contact with any questions!  
Jessica Salzwedel · April 13, 2018

GPP-General Course Application

  • This Online GPP Training Course will run for 10 weeks from 15 June- 21 August. This offering is designed specifically for stakeholder engagement implementers, or those directly responsible for community engagement activities at their institution. Learners will spend 2-4 hours per week on assignments, webinars, interactive modules and online forum discussions. All learners who complete the course will finish with a customized stakeholder engagement plan that reflects the landscape of their local environment.
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