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Jessica Salzwedel · March 10, 2023
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Welcome to the Project Engage Introduction to Good Participatory Practice

In this course you will cover:



Introduction to Good Participatory Practice Guidelines
Learn about the history of Good Participatory Practice and hear from leading researchers discussing the value added by including stakeholder perspectives in research
The core features of good engagement
Understand the 3 key features of good engagement: Early and Sustained, Responsive and Dynamic and Broad and Inclusive
What Happens During Ethics Review
Dive into the ethics review process and learn the role of PIs and ethics review committee members when putting together a protocol, amendment and yearly reviews
How to Build an Effective Communication Plan
Getting accurate information on myths, rumors and communicating the science to allow all to participate is a central role of the trial. This module explores how to build communication capacity, tailoring messages and the strategies that lead to effective communication that builds trust.
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As CAB members, think about how you might apply this knowledge to your own role. Do you see the core features of engagement reflected in the program? Is there a way that you can change your messaging to the community to effectively gather feedback?  Are you interested in serving as the community representative on the ethics review board? 

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Expertise: HIV Cure Research; Stakeholder Engagement

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