Unlocking the Potential of Good Participatory Practices (GPP) in HIV Implementation Science

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Anne Schley · May 1, 2023

 Welcome to this online course which will explore the fundamental goals and rationale behind HIV implementation science and stakeholder engagement. It will also delve into the vital role that partnerships play in the process of scaling up HIV prevention products and preparing for the next generation of new tools.

The short online course is designed primarily for HIV prevention implementers, advocates and other stakeholders seeking to deepen their understanding of the benefits of and best practices for engaging a wide array of stakeholders in implementation research.

By completing this online course, learners will achieve the following objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and the significance of implementation research and the importance of integrating meaningful stakeholder engagement within this context Identify the key stakeholders involved in the introduction and scale-up of new HIV products, along with their roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate the existing evidence on Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PreP) implementation and identify gaps for further research and improvement.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing evidence and insights on oral oral PrEP rollout; and identify key lessons learned for stronger stakeholder engagement.
  • Understand the importance of building robust partnerships and collaborations for successful HIV implementation research and dissemination of findings.
  • Learn best practices for effectively engaging stakeholders in HIV implementation research and across the product introduction life cycle.

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