Unlocking the Potential of Good Participatory Practices (GPP) in HIV Implementation Science

This online, self-paced course targets research implementers, advocates and professionals in the HIV prevention field and aims to enhance their comprehension of the fundamental rationale, goals and approaches behind stakeholder engagement and HIV implementation science, in the context of new product introduction. Join us on this transformative learning experience and unlock your potential to make a lasting impact with GPP!
Manju Chatani-Gada · May 1, 2023
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Course Overview

By the end of this course, learners will enhance their ability to:

  • Recall key concepts and goals of implementation science and stakeholder engagement in the context of biomedical HIV prevention and new product introduction.
  • Effectively identify and prioritize pivotal stakeholders to meaningfully involve in the entire implementation research process, focusing on the introduction and scale-up of new products for HIV prevention.
  • Evaluate lessons learned about the introduction of oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and gaps in evidence that can be addressed through the engagement of adolescent end users in implementation research projects.
  • Understand the importance of multi-country partnerships and collaborations for driving a successful HIV implementation science agenda and ensuring market readiness for new and next-generation HIV prevention products.
  • Identify good participatory practices, strategies and resources to ensure early, sustained and meaningful engagement of stakeholders in HIV implementation research, and to effectively address challenges across the product introduction life cycle.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Tailored Learning for Diverse Needs 

At the heart of this course lies the flexibility to craft your own learning adventure. 

  • To successfully complete the course and earn a certificate of completion, learners must engage with the four ‘foundational’ topics and complete the associated quizzes in Lessons 1 and 3.
  • Recognizing the diverse needs and interests of our learners, this course also offers two ‘elective’ topics, in Lesson 2, that delve deeper into the rationale and strategies for engaging adolescent stakeholders in PrEP implementation research and reviews partnership models to advance the introduction of new HIV prevention products. Elective topics are designed for learners who have less baseline knowledge and exposure to HIV Implementation Science and GPP.
  • Use the course outline provided and select the three lesson titles to see the topics covered. The topics are categorized as either ‘foundational’ or ‘elective’ for easy identification.

Join a Community of Learners 

Throughout your learning journey, we encourage meaningful conversations, sharing of experiences and collaboration with peers. Make use of the ‘Groups’ and ‘Connections’ functions, located in the drop down menu under your profile, to communicate with other learners and to explore additional, free course offerings on AVAC’s Engage platform!

Please email GppOnlineCourse@avac.org for any course-related or technical questions. 

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 6 Topics
  • 4 Quizzes