Understanding Vaccine Trials Ethics Review


August 20, 2020 3.00pm – 4:00pm EAT | 2:00pm– 3:00pm SAT Amidst the urgency to address global health challenges, the safety and rights of participants…

Vaccine Confidence: The arsenal to COVID-19 vaccine uptake

Globally, research teams are embarking on various clinical trials focused on finding a COVID-19 vaccine. However, efforts to
find a vaccine are characterized by misinformation, anti-vaccine sentiments, conspiracy theories, general distrust, or safety
Growing evidence shows that these challenges lead to serious public health consequences, including vaccine hesitancy, increased
public fear and low in vaccine confidence. These challenges may lead to lower vaccine acceptability when the COVID-19 vaccine
becomes available. During this webinar, experts will unpack the determinants of vaccine hesitancy and how it can serve as
a barrier to uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine. They will also share strategies that can be used by advocates and community
engagement practitioners in response to misinformation, rumours, in order to build and sustain vaccine confidence.

Media and External Communication Training

During this participatory session participants will learn more about: 

Why communicating clearly matters, with a focus on disseminating research study results
How to communicate and contextualize clear messages about research studies
How to prevent and manage a crisis