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Welcome to Lesson 1: The Importance of Good Participatory Practice

Anne Schley May 29, 2019

This lesson introduces you to the history and rationale for the GPP Guidelines. You will also learn about some of the benefits of stakeholder engagement, guiding principles that form the foundation of GPP and the basic components of a stakeholder engagement work plan. In the work assignment, you will reflect on your own stakeholder engagement program and areas for improvement.

STEP 1: Complete Module 1. 

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STEP 2: Complete Module 2. Please login.

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STEP 3: Introduce yourself on the forum!  We’ll be asking you to share your own questions and starting a thread in the coming weeks so get to know the platform and your fellow classmates now!

STEP 4: Complete your assignment and upload the final version below. Remember to include your name in the file title of the Word document (e.g. Assignment X_FIRST_LAST_name).

STEP 5: Post your photo in your account details! Remember, the more information you give the easier it will be for people inside and outside of the course to connect with you.


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